Tutorial Diary presents a series of latest Zensar Technologies HR questions for HR Interview. This page contains the first series on Zensar HR interview questions asked by Zensar in campus placements. These questions are important in terms of Zensar Interview preparation and Zensar Placement Preparation.

Question: Tell me about your family.
Question: Tell me a situation which impacted your life?\
Question: How many brothers and sisters do u have?
Question: What is the occupation of your father ?
Question: Tell me about your native place?
Question: Why Zensar?
Question: Are you  ready to relocate?
Question: What makes you unique?
Question: Ok, what do your friends call you?
Question: How many friends do u have?
Question: What do u do on sundays?
Question: What is so special about your home town?
Question: What places have u got to visit in Pune?
Question: What do you like most in your college?
Question: What you don't like most in your college?
Question: What would you like like to change in your college?
Question: Why did you choose EEE?
Question: Why did you choose CSE?
Question: Why did you choose EC?
Question: Where would you be after 10yrs.?
Question: How would you like to grow in the Professional life?
Question: What are all the changes that you had observed in your college in last four year?
Question: What do you think about the interview process?
Question: Any suggestions for interview process?
Question: How do you feel about written test?
Question:Do you have any Questions to ask me?
Question: What are your hobbies?
Question: Can you live alone?
Question: Have you ever been to Pune? if yes so how many times?
Question: How many cities have you been visited ?
Question: Why should i select u?
Question: Tell me about Zensar?

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