Zensar Technologies Technical Interview questions asked by Zensar in campus placement or off campus placement process. Go through these questions because these questions are important in terms of preparation for Zensar Placement.

Question: Differentiate between c and c++?
Question: Define object oriented programming?
Question: Differentiate between the class n objects?
Question: Why need classes?
Question: Explain Encapsulation?
Question: Explain Abstraction?
Question: What is the need for Abstraction? Explain with some practical example?
Question: Explain Inheritence ?
Question: Give a real life example of inheritance?
Question: What is polymorphism?
Question: Write a program to swap two numbers?
Question: what is JVM? Explain its working.
Question: What do u know about data base management system?
Question: What is rdbms?
Question: Difference between DBMS and RDBMS
Question: Write a query to create a table?
Question: Write a query to update a table?
Question: Write a query to select average marks in a table?
Question: Write a query to delete a table?
Question: What is preprocessor?
Question: Differentiate between compiler and interpreter?
Question: What is the command to make a file in dos?
Question: What is the command to make a directory in Unix?
Question: What are header files? Why are they needed?
Question: What is d difference between preprocessor, directives and header files?
Question: What does main do in a program?

Go through these questions and prepare well accordingly and get placed.

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