This post is second in the series of Zensar Technologies Technical Interview questions asked by Zensar in campus placement or off campus placement process. Learn and practice these questions because these questions are very important in terms of preparation for Zensar Placement.

Question: What is an Operating System? What are its uses?
Question: Define Data Structure?
Question: Explain concepts of OOPs?
Question: Describe Object Oriented Analysis and design.
Question: How do u communicate between object and class.
Question: What is the role of Software in the real life?
Question: What is an object? How it is similar to real life entity?
Question: What are the differences between extranet, intranet and internet?
Question: How many languages do you know?
Question: What do you know about databases?
Question: Implement a linked list in your favourite programming language?
Question: Write a program to print fibonacci series.
Question: Write a program to find the whether the given string is palindrome or not?
Question: What are the types of data structure?
Question: What is an abstract class?
Question: Define binary tree?
Question: What are different types of access specifiers?
Question: What are the differences  between private, protected and public?
Question: What are the differences between multiple and multilevel inheritence?
Question: Draw the basic architecture of a computer.
Question: What is a friend function?
Question: What is virtual function ?
Question: What is a pointer to a function?
Question: Explain the working of pointer to a function
Question: Difference between char const *p , const char *p ,const * char p, const char * const p
Question: Write a program to print a file from the last.
Question: Write a program to encrypt the file.
Question: What is run time polymorphism?
Question: What is register storage class? If  a variable is declared as register then is it compulsory that it will be of storage type register?
Question: What is interface in java ?
Question: Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritance ?
Question: Is c++ is pure object oriented?
Question: Why we need new operator in java at the time of object declaration and why not in c++?
Question: Write a program to implement virtual functions.
Question: What is the difference between file and data base storage ?
Question: Difference between hierarchical data model and network data model ?
Question: What are the 12 codd’s rule ?
Question: Given a table normalize it up to 3NF .
Question: Difference between BCNF and 4NF?
Question: Difference between conflict and view serialzability
Question: What is batch operating system ?
Question: Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking ?
Question: What are different types of scheduler ? explain short term scheduler ?
Question: What are different scheduling  algorithms ?
Question: What is a system call?
Question: What are Monitors and Semaphores ?
Question: What are different CPU registers ?
Question: Difference between OSI and TCP/IP?
Question: Explain Heap Sort and Merge Sort.
Question:  What is Hashing Technique? Explain.
Question: Write a program of call by value n call by reference.
Question: Difference between call by value and call by reference.
Question: What is C? What exactly do you mean by C?
Question: What is struct? What is the difference between stack and queue?
Question: Write a data structure for queue.
Question: What is tower of Hanoi?

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