Interview Questions here are the third in for Zensar Technologies Technical Interview questions asked by Zensar in campus placement or off campus placement process at Tutorial Diary. Learn and practice these questions because these questions are very important in terms of preparation for Zensar Placement.

First Set of Questions

Second Set Of Questions

Question: Which is your favourite programming language?
Question: What are pointers? What are advantages of pointers?
Question: What is struct? What is the difference between stack and queue?
Question: Write me a data structure for queue.
Question: Write a program in your favourite programming language for swapping two numbers using 2 variables only.
Question: Write a program in your favourite programming language for printing two numbers after multiplication.
Question: What is tower of Hanoi? How will you implement it?
Question: What is foreign key and primary key? Explain with example
Question: What is security? How can it be achieved?
Question: What are the threats to security in your project? 
Question: What you will do to provide security to a software?
Question: Which are the most important areas requiring security?
Question: Explain joins with example. Draw 2 tables of student and College and show the relationship between them.
Question: What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
Question: Explain joins. What are different types of joins? Explain natural join and semi join.
Question: Write Algorithm for Quick Sort.
Question: Write Algorithm for Merge sort.
Question: What is doubly linked list? Explain and implement it.
Question: What is stack and queue?What is difference between them?  
Question: Write SQL query to find second highest salary?

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